The history

75th anniversary

Our history starts in 1920 with a small chocolate factory in the centre of Barcelona. After 15 years the first cocoa pressing industry of the country was started, a small installations where many hours of hard manual labour were invested in.

As a result of this hard work, an increase of the production capacity soon became necessary and in 1947, the company moved to a new site, still within the city. More effective machinery and installations were being used, again increasing the capacity. The first alkalized cocoa powder was launched on the Spanish market and from 1954 onwards, Nederland products crossed the borders.

During the 1960’s the second generation of the family was incorporated to further stimulate the growth of the company. Over the following years, the purchasing and development of industries within the Industrial chocolate as well as Consumer sector completed the experience of the Nederland group in the world of cocoa.

New markets combined with a strong increase in the chocolate consumption in Spain obliged the construction, in 1972, of the third factory in Viladecans, near Barcelona. From that day on the installations have been constantly optimized, improving machinery and increasing capacity, in order to offer a range of excellent quality and highly competitive cocoa products.

All this makes Nederland a solid and modern company based on a strong family tradition. Recently the third generation has joined in order to continue our growth and trust in the future.

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